Like we say in Iceland: “Góðan daginn!”

“Góðan daginn” as we say here. We would like to welcome you to our humble home. We’re very proud of our little island in the Atlantic Ocean, and we’re so glad you decided to spend some time here. First thing’s first, how do you like Iceland? You’re going to hear us ask that a lot. We love our country and love hearing how much foreign visitors love it too. What’s not to love? Iceland is a land filled with incredible scenery. We have glaciers, mountains, volcanoes, black sand beaches, rolling lava fields, pristine country hills, hot springs and waterfalls. So many waterfalls. We strongly recommend you get out and see this magical land of fire and ice. To help you get to know Iceland and its people a little better, we’ve put together a few things you should definitely know.


Our water comes straight from our many glaciers. It’s incredibly fresh, in fact, it’s probably the purest and cleanest water in the world, and it goes straight into our homes. So please enjoy our tap water. Our hot water comes straight out of the geothermal springs, so you might notice it can smell a bit funny, but it’s great for showering, cleaning and everything else. But the hot water doesn’t taste very nice so stick to the cold if you need to quench your thirst.


We have a small population, just over 350,000 people. Because of this, we are insanely proud when we do something the best we can’t help but tell everyone about it. Iceland is often voted as the safest country in the world. We voted the first female head of state way back in 1980. We also technically discovered North America a few centuries before Christopher Columbus (go ahead, look it up).


We have our own language called Icelandic, which is very old and hasn’t changed a lot for almost 2000 years. Because we are only 350,000 most of us also speak English, so it’s ok, you don’t have to learn Icelandic for your stay here. It’s a hard language, and the first 20 years learning it is the most difficult.


If you ask an Icelander for directions, they will give them to you, but many will also tell you the best way to get there and if the place you’re going is even worth visiting. We love our country and love to show it off, so the best way to find out information is just to ask. We strongly recommend taking a tour or two to see some of the amazing sights Iceland has to offer. We know you have a comfy hotel, but you didn’t come all this way to watch cable, you could do that at home. So get out there and experience our great and.